Our Story

Dearest and fairest, we welcome you all,

To a secret garden party at our college, Clare Hall.

Join us on Sunday the 14th of July,

For copious wine - we'll have a supply.

A melodious harp will lead you our way,

Through the rabbit hole you'll go, if you're feeling brave.

Discover a world that is close to our own,

With magical performers and games to be won.

Perhaps you fancy a spot of croquet?

Or a giant chess game? You're welcome to play.

You can even paint our white roses red,

Without worrying the queen will be off with your head.

With a photographer and gazebo, too,

Just come and relax, we'll have macaroons.

So, please, we implore you, join us at two,

For a melodious afternoon and delicous food.


Lost in Wonderland

Date & Time

Sunday, 14th of July 2019, 2-6pm.


Clare Hall Fellows' Garden.
Main entrance: Porter's Lodge.
Herschel Road, Cambridge CB3 9AL.

Clare Hall Crest

Now available!

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